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Educational Resources

I am a private educator and instructor, teaching brass, piano, jazz, and composition. Currently work at Allegro School of Music.



Warm-Up Routine for trumpet and other brass instruments. Consists of Air Flow Studies, Flexibility, Articulation, Speed, Range, and Endurance Exercises.

Recommended Technique/Etude Books:

  • Arban's Complete Conversatory Method for Cornet

  • Clarke Technical Studies​​

  • Clarke Characteristic Studies

  • Flexus: Trumpet Calisthenics for the Modern Improvisor

  • Carmine Caruso: Musical Calisthenics for Brass

  • James Stamp Warm Ups

  • Bosquet: 36 Celebrated Studies for the Cornet

  • Etudes for Trumpet: Orchestra Etudes and Last Etudes (Vassily Brandt)

  • Eight Profiles for Solo Trumpet (Fisher Tull)

  • Melodious Etudes for Trumpet (Marco Bordogni)

Some Youtube Videos to Check Out:

James Morrison

Charlie Porter


Jazz is a vast subject, and can seem really daunting at first. The key to learning jazz music is to as much listening as you can! Find who you like to listen to and then listen to who they played with or who they liked to listen to, and just keep going from there. There is no right or wrong way, as long as you do what you do with passion and excitement for learning. Figure out how they played, how they sound, and make it your own. 

Recommended Books:

  • Patterns for Jazz (Jerry Coker)

  • Patterns for Improvistion (Oliver Nelson)

  • Expansions (Gary Campbell)

  • Jazz Piano (Mark Levine)

  • Charlie Parker Omnibook

  • Clifford Brown (complete transcriptions)

  • Jamey Aebersold Vol. 1-3

Some Youtube Videos to Check Out:

Marsalis, Arturo, Faddis and Morrison

Ben Wendel

Sheet Music:

Some of the sheet music and lead sheets I have made. Message me if you would like all the parts to perform either an arrangement, transcription, or composition! (*denotes full score and parts available per request)

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