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writer: Alex Price


Are you 
Please say 
a word 

I'm frozen 
In space 
this place 
I'm in 

Where did you go? 
My angel 

Are you still here? 
But drifting away 

This truth is one 
I cannot live within 

Without support 
How can I stand alone 

I need you 
My angel 
What will I do now? 
Who will I be? 

Empty vessel 
Washed away 
Without a word 
I could say to you 

Time moves so slow 
When I turn my gaze on you 

Remembering days now past 
Treasured times 
Your light was 
Gone too soon 

A rose cut before its time 
A wound made that won't heal at all 
Without you 

Anyway I try 
To preserve what's left of me 
Right now 
These pieces are far and wide 

An attempt that is doomed to fail 
Without an angel standing by my side 
As you did 

My sweet angel 
Oh angel 
I've got you 
Here and now 

No need to worry 
I give myself to you 

A Call to Dream:

Stormy night skies 
Wrap around me 
Grey colors my world 
Pushing down on me 

I hear the call to dream 
A pull so strong 
Take me far away 
Into a new world 

A world of bright blue skies 
Warm sunshine 
A cool soft breeze 

Searching for a place to go 
All inside my dream 

I hear your call now 
Whispering soft to me 
A call to be with you there 
In our new world 

I'll search endlessly 
To find what I'm looking for 
I'll keep on trying 
Until you're in my arms

On the Path Between:

Walking in this place 
The leaves of grass dance 
Sun up high 
In the sky above 
A warm embrace 

Slow and steady 
Is the tide of my mind 
Clear and true 
Is my path forward 

I’m on the path between now 
There’s nothing stopping me from you now 
I can face my fears alone now 
There’s nothing taking you from me now 

Further on in here 
The world falls silent 
Sun down low 
Out of sight for now 
A harsh cold truth 

Fast and churning 
Goes the tide of my mind 
Holding on 
To my way forward 

I’m on the path between now 
There’s nothing stopping me from you now 
I can face my fears alone now 
There’s nothing taking you from me now

Crossing the River (spoken word):

You are calm 

A gentle breeze touches your cheek 
Tall grass in every direction 
You have been walking for so long now 
The sun is starting to set 

The wind blows all around you 

The path ends 
A river reveals itself 
Storm clouds billow in the distance 
The water churns restlessly 

The river draws you in 

You know you have to cross it 
Though you’d rather not 
But you get in the boat and push off from shore into dangerous waters 
There is no turning back 

You try in vain 

Rain cascades down as waves assault your ship 
The shore is gone from view 
All that matters is to stay alive 
To survive 

But eventually, it will swallow you whole 

Lighting crashes 
You are violently thrown into disturbed waters 
The river pulls you down deep beneath the surface 
Sinking where no light can reach 
No sound can penetrate 
Your panicked mind calls out for help 
Eventually you will give in 

Fight back, you have to live

Life Story:

Son hear me tell this loud and clear 
This is my song and life story 
Take a look inside this past I hold close 
To help find what you’re missing 

Line by line 
See my life between the letters 
Note by note 
Who I am for you to uncover 

If I go 
Stay on path 
Storms may blow 
You will last 

Your journey has just begun 
My wondrous son shine bright 
This life, our story is never ending 
So know that someday you’ll 

Give a chapter all your own 
Trust in time you’ll find a pathway 
Keep the melody inside your soul 
This is it our life story

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