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Alex Price - Trumpet, Composition, Author

Chaz Martineau -  Tenor Saxophone, Wind Pedal (Crossing the River)

Benjamin Cortez - Piano, Vocals (Angel)

Jude Poorten - Guitar

Vincent Thiefain - Upright Bass

Sam Russo - Drums

Katelyn Vincent - Vocals (Journey, A Call to Dream, On the Path Between, Crossing the River, Of It All, Life Story)

Kaili Otsuka - Vocals (Of It All)

Recorded at Tempest Recording by Clarke Rigsby

Mixed by Alex Price

Mastered at Vault Mastering by Nathan James

Album Artwork by Ringo Linko (instagram:

Graphic Design by Tony Hyun

Artwork Photography by Dorie Isaac


Janice Edwards

Liam Connor

Jonathan Iralu

Julian Iralu

Gayle Jensen

Jessica Garcia

Daniel Gilfillan

Kristin Hillery

Jillian Lunt

Dr. Martin Province

Shelley Yakubow and the Music Maker Family

Mouly Bhatt

The Weldy Family

Paul Brewer

Robert Price

Special Thanks to:

Michael Kocour

Jeff Libman

Daniel Gilfillan

Clarke Rigsby

Nathan James

Robert, Mary and Will Price

The Issac Family

Jillian Lunt

The Nash

Tempest Recording

Vault Mastering

Arizona State University Music Faculty

Downbeat Magazine

And anyone else who lended an ear or supported me on this project; friend, family, teacher or peer. I appreciate all of you.


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