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All of my albums, EPs, and OSTs whether for media or personal.

All rights reserved by Alex Price

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The Bluest Hour OST (2023)

The Bluest Hour, directed by Logan Jackson, is a film following a family the night after their son is born.

Written for Film Independent's Project Involve program, this was premiered on Jan 30th at the Regal Live Theater in Los Angeles.

Jazz score with strings.


to be released on streaming platforms

The Healer OST (2023)

The Healer, directed by Umeash Silva and written by Maria Crystal-Melo, is a short film premiered in 2023. 

The film follows a social media influencer as she grapples with influence, addiction, and holding on to her humanity while she straddles the line between herself and the Divine Healer.

Synths, 808's, distorted choir, and orchestra.

Power Through OST (2022)

Power Through is a short film following a scriptwriter going through writer's block. Will he get that story written?

Written for Indiana University's Double Exposure program in 2022 and premiered live-to-picture at the IU Cinema.

Piano, chamber strings, and guitar.

The Door Between Us OST (2020)

The Door Between Us is a short film based on a son dealing with the loss of his mother. The story follows him in his bedroom alone in the days and weeks following and his journey of grief and healing.

Piano, chamber strings, and mellowphone.

It's Not a Big Deal OST (2020)

It's Not a Big Deal (No Es Gran Cosa) was a short directed by Gisselle Arely in 2020. The film is based on a true story of a son discovering his family's roots.

Winner of Best Original music at the 2020 AFA Film Festival. Semi-Finalist at the Student Los Angeles Film Awards

Guitar and piano, intimate score.

Lion Man OST (2020)

Lion Man was a short directed by Brian Papsworth in 2020. The film follows a man seeking revenge for the accidental death of his brother at the hands of a drunk driver.

Synthetic-based, horror inspired score.

Life Story (2019)

Life Story is an album that combines both sound and language, exploring the link between narrative and music utilizing nine original pieces of music, lyrics, thematic writing, extra-musical audio and accompanying narratives to tell an original story within its sonic landscape. The album was born out of a desire to find the storytelling power of music, exploring everything from programmatic music to film scores to how we perceive the concept of narrative as important in our own lives.

Jazz sextet. Winner of Outstanding Original Composition in Downbeat Magazine's 2019 Student Music Awards.

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