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Program Notes

writer: Alex Price

Chapter 1: Angel

What is it like to be caught between two emotional extremes? How do you deal with losing someone close to you, but at the same time gaining someone new? Angel is an exploration of these complicated feelings. We start from the point of view of an unnamed new Father, who has just watched as his wife has passed away in childbirth, leaving him with a newborn Daughter and an uncertain future.

Chapter 2: Journey 

Journey is a tribute to stories and storytelling. It follows our main character, the Daughter, as she goes through childhood, growing from baby to child to teenager. We follow her through all her joyful times, to her sorrowful times, hitting crucial moments of her life thus far. She is the hero of this story, and we follow her childhood as a proper hero’s journey. 

Chapter 3: A Call to Dream 

Typically, in the hero’s journey there is a significant moment where they are called out of their ordinary world and into the special world, which is the call to action. For Luke in Star Wars, it was the death of his uncle and aunt. For Harry in Harry Potter, it was Hagrid coming and telling him about his identity as a wizard. In this case, the call to action is The Daughter becoming swept up in the fantasy lands of her own imagination, trapped within her own Dream. A call to adventure, a call to act, a call to dream.

The Daughter is now an adolescent and with the growing pains of adolescence has come the realization that she is missing something unbearably important from her life, her Mother. Just before she goes to sleep, she longs to see her, just one time…

Chapter 4: Braving the Storm 

After falling asleep, the Daughter finds herself in a dream world unlike any dream she has been in before. It feels real to her, just like if she was awake. A violent storm brews off in the distance, sitting atop a forest with trees as tall as skyscrapers. She knows she must go towards it. However, before she can get there, she comes face to face with a monstrous manifestation of this storm. It’s up to her to get past it, to continue with her quest to escape this dream and find her Mother.

Chapter 5: On the Path Between

The Daughter emerges triumphant from fighting this monster, a servant of the chaos brewing in her mind, and continues further along the path to get to her goal. Newfound confidence emerges as she finds herself drawn forward, to the center of the storm.

This is a song about transitioning, adventuring, and about being between different points in life. An ode to living on the path between.

Chapter 6: Crossing The River 


You are calm 


A gentle breeze touches your cheek

Tall grass in every direction

You have been walking for so long now

The sun is starting to set


The wind blows all around you


The path ends 

A river reveals itself 

Storm clouds billow in the distance

The water churns restlessly


The river draws you in


You know you have to cross it 

Though you’d rather not

But you get in the boat and push off from shore into dangerous waters

There is no turning back


You try in vain


Rain cascades down as waves assault your ship

The shore is gone from view

All that matters is to stay alive

To survive


But eventually, it will swallow you whole


Lighting crashes 

You are violently thrown into disturbed waters

The river pulls you down deep beneath the surface

Sinking where no light can reach

No sound can penetrate 

Your panicked mind calls out for help

Eventually you will give in


Fight back, you have to live


A thought bubbles to the surface

It would be so much easier to give in

But this thought won’t let you go

You have to live, it says

You can’t give up, it says

So you kick

And fight

And force your way out of the depths

Up to the surface of the river


You will be okay

Chapter 7: At The Center 

The Daughter wakes up on the other shore of the river, miraculously surviving her brush with death after being thrown underwater while crossing. The path continues into the forest ahead, with the violent storm angrily churning above her. Nothing will stop her now as she enters the storm, ready to combat any obstacle that stands in her way and overcome anything that will try to take her down.

Chapter 8: Of It All

After a harrowing trek through the violent storm, the Daughter bursts through into the eye. Inside she finds a peaceful clearing, with birds chirping and the sun shining above. Directly in front of her lies a house, familiar to her. This was the house she had lived in her whole life. 

As she makes her way to the door, she hears singing from inside. A woman. It was a song that she recognized from her childhood but couldn’t quite place from who she knew it. The Daughter cautiously opens the door and finds herself face to face with her Mother. 

But this is still a dream, and she can’t stay here forever. But does it make it any less real? In the end the only way out, is through.

 Chapter 9: Life Story 

After the Daughter reconciles with her Mother, she wakes up from her dream and lives out the rest of her life free from the trauma that plagued her as a child. 

Now fully grown, and about to give birth to her own child, The Daughter feels the same nerves that her Mother must have felt giving birth to her. In the hospital, she leaves this final message for her unborn son, one to tell him who she is and what she has been through in case tragedy strikes. Urging him to not repeat the same mistakes she did, but instead to write a new chapter of their life story.

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