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The October Records

October 23rd, [XXXX] 


  This is my first record entry. Common protocol for this hospital. They need me to keep a record of what goes on here, dealings with patients, etc. I am more than happy to oblige. Helps to keep me focused. 


  As for the day, nothing out of the ordinary. I checked in with Ms. Johnson, she’s healing well. Will probably only need a few more days in this ward before we can let her leave. Mr. Gonzalez had a minor complication today, but we took care of it and is recovering. He should also be up and well within a few days, maybe slightly longer.  


  Also checked in with our new patient, Ms. [XXXXX]. Her head is still concussed, but it is healing. Her vital functions are all returning to normal, but she still has not returned to normal cognitive function. Possibly comatose. Only one visitor, a middle-aged man, father. Did not leave her side. Will keep a close eye on her in the coming days. 



October 24th, [XXXX] 


  Second record entry. All patients accounted for and resting. Ms. Johnson’s son came in today to see her. He will be taking care of her upon discharge from the hospital. She is on her way to a full recovery.  


  The new patient has not changed, though she is stable. The father slept here overnight. I offered him a blanket and some coffee, which he politely accepted. They remained untouched.  



October 25th, [XXXX] 


  Third entry. Bosses told me I don’t need to do these every day, which is sort of a relief. I liked the work, but then again, I can see how they wouldn’t be needed every day.  


  All patients are accounted for. Ms. Johnson’s son took her home after she was discharged today. I’m sure she will be fine. Unfortunately, Mr. Gonzalez has had more complications. He will be heading into surgery this afternoon, but I am unaware of how likely his chances of survival are. 



October 31st, [XXXX] 


  Fourth entry. Will be trying to space these out slightly more, as per the request from my bosses.  


  Today is Halloween. There are decorations everywhere, and my coworkers even got me to dress up. I chose to be a vampire. Everyone thought I was trying to be funny, I didn't get the joke. I just wanted to do something scary. 


  Last week, Mr. Gonzalez passed away due to complications in his surgery. He didn’t have many visitors, and he was in his later years, but it still didn’t sit right with me. He was the first to pass away on my watch at this hospital, and for that I’ll remember him. Even if no one else will.  


  New development with Ms. [XXXXX] today. She has started convulsing, seizure-like symptoms. This is not uncommon in the early weeks of comatose patients, but something seemed different about it. We were about to give her a sedative when the convulsions stopped, out of nowhere, and she returned to stability. I have made a note to watch her more closely.  

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