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The February Records

February 2nd, [XXXX] 

Tenth entry. A month has passed since my last log. I figured due to the length of the last one I only needed to do one for the month of January. 


Things had been relatively quiet until today. Received several new patients. Mr. Davis, Mrs. Fitzgerald and Mr. Brown. Heart attack, car accident and stroke respectively. All seem to be in good hands and on a road to recovery, though Mr. Davis seems the worst off. His family has been in to see him all day. 


Ms. [XXXXX] has also been quiet. Familiar eye movements, occasional murmuring of words, nothing particularly unusual. Nothing was changing. Which means she isn't getting better.  

For a while now, I had been feeling that if only I had some way of seeing what was going on, then I would be able to help her. Though, that was obviously impossible. Research into this had turned up nothing. Nothing of note anyway. Most of it was psychic and spiritual. We just don’t know enough about dreams in the first place.  

Out of mild curiosity, I posted about Ms. [XXXXX] to some forum I found online. Left all personal details out. A call out to void, maybe. But worth a shot.  


February 29th, [XXXX] 

Eleventh entry. Ms. [XXXXX] seems to still be in stable condition. Stable enough that my bosses have started talking to me about moving her to somewhere else, a different facility designed for more long-term patients. I can't let that happen.  

I told her father what they had told me, and he seemed worried. He didn’t like it anymore than I did, but he said if that’s what needed to be done, then he would allow it. I think for him, moving her somewhere long-term was accepting that this was reality for them now.  


For some better news, I finally received a comment on my post. 

Someone had read what I had said and was interested in learning more. They said all they needed was scans of her brain activity and they would be able to get back to me. 

I was desperate, I had to work fast before [XXXXXXXX] was transferred. I know that once that happens, there is nothing I can do. I will send over the brain scans to them with my personal email address. 

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