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Editor's Note #3

The doctor was never seen again. His name has been redacted from the records I found. I assume his fate will be the same as mine. 

The doctor was a man of integrity. He did what he was thought was best for my mother. I can only thank him for watching over her, and caring for her. 

However, he was never meant to see the full picture. The people who decoded my mother's brain scans, were never going to help her. 

I have come to refer to those people as the Agency. There is almost nothing I know about them, other than that there is so much they don't want us to know about ourselves. And about the Dream. They will stop at nothing to eradicate its presence from this world, to squash it. To return us to the status quo. 

The Dream is more than we know. More than any of us know. But what I do believe is it has the power to reconnect us with those who are gone. Like my mother connected with hers. I have faith in its power for good.

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What I have next is a collection of psych evaluation session excerpts between my mother and a psychologist who treated her. After reading these sessions, I have a strong suspicion that this psychologist is not who she says she is, and is a member of the Agency. If so, then these logs may be the most important source of information I have for fighting them.

Read these logs and find the truth for yourself.

Be wary of the Dream, but do not stop fighting for it.


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