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Weekly Music Showcase #5: It Never Entered My Mind

September 2nd, 2019

Here's a song that's been on my mind (ironic) for the last couple weeks, and just today was digging and found this Johnny Hartman recording on The Voice That Is!, an album that has kind of been on the fringes of my radar for a while (I love the recording of Kurt Weill's, "My Ship" on this one). Gonna dive into it now.

"It Never Entered My Mind" was written by Lorenz Hart (lyrics) and Richard Rodgers (music) for the 1940 Broadway musical, "Higher and Higher". These song lyrics have been kind of difficult to crack for me, I'm gathering it's about lost love or lamentation from somebody at the end of their life, but I'm not exactly sure (and I also don't know the original context from the musical, but the good thing about interpretation is that it can exist even outside of the original authorial context).

Hope you all enjoy!

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