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Editor's Note #1

Everything you are about to read is collected from materials gathered for one purpose, spreading the truth. The truth about our world, and the worlds beyond this one. The truth that some people are born into this world with the ability to see beyond it. To reconnect with those long past. 

Please read through it all. I will make notes along the way to help you in your journey of truth. It will be a lot to take in, so I urge you to wade slowly in these waters.


Start with the journal, and read my mother's story. I would next proceed to the records that I have pulled and collected from her time in treatment, and then to the therapy excerpts I have transcribed from her sessions. But ultimately I can only guide you, you must find the way in for yourself.

I believe that music plays a large role in getting closer to the Dream. In uncovering this hypothesis, I worked with a music composer to help create an album that is based off the world my Mother describes in her journal, which was released in July of 2019 as Life Story. Be careful when listening though, as there is a power to the music that is stronger than any written word, a power that will send you hurtling through the Dream if you are not careful. Let the music move you, and let the Dream surround your mind with the sounds that poke through, but stay resilient, lest you be pulled in without fair warning or prepared-ness.

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It is important you know this as well; you are not alone. Take comfort in the words described in these writings. We do not know much about our enemy, but we know that they do not want the truth out there. They do not want you to know what you are capable of. 

My mother wrote this note for me on the inside of her journal. It reads:

Read my journal

Hear my song

Come forth

But be wary of the Dream

I never knew exactly what she meant by that. But I have my ideas. Keep her words with you, as the Dream is a dangerous place. But it is a place of wonder as well. It is the place where all of creation comes from.

So be wary of the Dream. But never stop following it.


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