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Pandora's World

by Alex Price


Sometimes I wonder about Pandora

and what she felt

opening her box of evils

Watching the world suffer from

Death, disease, famine

Despair, hatred, cruelty

Is she mournful?

Regretful, even

maybe depressed?

Doomed to suffer the same fate

as those she sentenced

it seems

There is no going back though

Her world is suffering

Maybe we can take solace

in that we are all in this 


They have sprung forth from Pandora's Box

and now we are bound to Pandora's World

But as the story goes

hope never left the box

I wonder why

Maybe it was too frightened

after all

it has spent the longest 

with the evils we now face

So I say

It's alright, little hope

You can come out now

We will hold you close

cherish you

protect you

love you

And like we always have

we will brave the calamities 

of Pandora's cruel world


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