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Free Write

by Alex Price


This is a free write

I guess inherent in that is the idea that writing is freeing

Or maybe it’s not meant to be read that way

Who knows


What should I choose to say

When given the power to say it

Does it matter what I say 

If no one will even hear it



That rhymed

Well actually it was the same word 

But this is a start

Of something


Think about my prose

Think about my diction

Think about not what I am going to say

But how I am going to say it


On and on the thinking goes

Endless thinking 

Not as much doing


This is pointless


But not everything has to have a point

Spheres do fine


Comfortable pillows with cat faces on them


Points can be biting

They can be edgy

Kind of like this poem


So maybe it is kind of the point

To not have one


As much as I would like it to be

This free write is finite

There’s no way to say everything

I am trying to say

But I guess there will never be an ending

Never be over

The smooth point will never be made


It is a cat chasing a ball of yarn

Dog chasing its tail

Writer chasing



Creative nirvana?

Does that exist

So maybe this does validate my point

To not have a point


To keep going

To keep writing

To keep creating

To keep thinking

To keep doing


Not to reach the end point

Because at the end of every point

Is something sharp

And no one wants to get hurt

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