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Editor's Note #4

I don't believe that the psychologist, nor the Agency that she represents are evil people. I believe they are just people, albeit, misguided, faithless and flawed. People who are doing what they believe is right for the world and the people in it. The psychologist herself, has experienced a great amount of pain, enough pain for anybody to rationally lose faith, lose hope.

From what I can tell, Jason is not her son's true name. I have not found myself any closer to the Agency from studying these sessions. I'm sure they will find these notes, and possibly even find me as a result. But what can they do to me, now that the information is out there in your hands.

The choice I leave up to you dear reader. I chose to believe in my mother's stories. I chose to believe that her Dream was real, and she really did meet my grandmother in there. I chose to believe that there are people born in to this world with the power to connect, across space and time, to the people they care about. I chose to have faith that there is more to it all, then just a shared dream. 

As for what the Dream is, and where it comes from, I only can guess. God's wrath on us? Maybe. Some sort of elevated level of consciousness. I'm not sure. Government experiment gone wrong? Would be slightly ironic.

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But the question remains, a more pertinent one at that, what do you believe? There is no right answer. The psychologist is right to say that the Dream is within someone's mind, it can be proven. But as for it's meaning, as for its ability to connect, as for the conversation that my mother was able to have with her mother against all probability and possibility and for its ability to heal, those remain unsolved mysteries.

I know it is coming for me. My time is almost here. For as long as I have left, I will continue updating this collection of documents and stories. The world must know what is coming, and they must have the full picture.

So I will say again, what do you believe?

Be wary of the Dream. But never stop believing in it.


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