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Alex L. Price

Music Composer

Sound Designer

Audio Engineer

Sizzle Reel

Alex Price is a media composer specializing in creating music and audio that is tailor-made to fit your stories, worlds, and more.

Original Music for Film

The Healer (2023)

The Healer, directed by Umeash Silva and written by Maria Crystal-Melo, is a short film premiered in 2023. 

The film follows a social media influencer as she grapples with influence, addiction, and holding on to her humanity while she straddles the line between herself and the Divine Healer.

Imagine your stories, brought to life through music.

A soaring orchestral piece written for epic-fantasy.

A moody and dark opener for your intimate drama.

An emotional composition for your heartfelt goodbyes.

A distorted synth-based piece for your next sci-fi post-apocalypse.

Music Production

Have an idea? Need a sample flipped? Need some advice on how to craft your next big hit? Let me know where I can help.

I Should Take a Chance - Alex Price

00:00 / 02:47

A flipped vocal sample turned EDM.

Skybound - Alex Price

00:00 / 03:16

Soft pianos, soaring synths and rock drums.

Across Time and Space - Alex Price

00:00 / 03:14

Lofi, jazz, hip-hop chillness.

Siren Song - Alex Price

00:00 / 01:28

Dirty, bit-crushed techno.

Sound Design

Designing sound for both film and video games.

Game Music and Sound Design - Sizzle Reel

The Magic Chair was a composition written for the Indie Film Music Contest in 2020. This score, for the short film Poulette's Chair, was also accompanied by a complete sound replacement by me. All of the sounds of the world, the characters and environment were designed by me.

Without Score

With Score

Some of the music, in my album Life Story, also contains sound design elements from me.

Here are two examples of this design. 

Crossing the River - Alex Price
00:00 / 08:04

Roaring water, rushing waves with rain and thunder pummeling a rowboat during this free-jazz piece accompanied by spoken word.

An oasis, birds chirping, the sun is shining as a girl walks across to open the door of a house.


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