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The Wallpaper Specter

by Alex Price


Have you ever seen

the wallpaper specter

lurking in the corner of your eye

He watches at a distance

scurrying away at risk of discovery

but always there, nonetheless

Don't be frightened though

he means no harm

he is more curious than anything

He watches and waits

sits and ponders

unable to move away

from the wallpaper

Sometimes I sit next to him

and talk

he never speaks, but he listens

Until the day I ask him,


To which he turned and spoke,

"This is my home."

He spoke simply and naively

"A wallpaper is no home."

I said to him

To that he simply shrugged

and sank further into the wall

So if you ever see

the wallpaper specter

be kind and gentle

for he knows not

that home is not

where you start

but it is

where you end up

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